Innovating the Network for Data Intensive Science Workshop

The SC conference series has traditionally been home to cutting-edge developments in high-performance networking (HPN), alongside those in high-performance computing, storage, and analytics. This workshop, the first of its kind, has the goal of highlighting the work of the experiments running over SCinet, SC’s dedicated high performance network. SCinet serves as the platform for exhibitors to demonstrate the advanced computing resources of their home institutions and elsewhere by supporting a wide variety of bandwidth-driven applications including supercomputing and cloud computing.

Demo panel discussions will include:
• Optical networking
• Software-defined networking
• Network monitoring and traffic analytics
• Science DMZs and other campus network constructs
• Application-based data movement
• Open clouds and storage area networks

Paper panel discussions will include:
• OpenFlow and Software Defined Networking
• Use of alternative protocols and large-scale data movement approaches
• Advanced tools to support faster campus data networks
• Tuning networks for specific use cases, such as visualization
• Adaptations of OpenFlow to work within cloud environments