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Below are the links to the presentations form the INDIS 2016 workshop.
Introduction to SCinet by Corby Schmitz, SC16's SCinet chair.
SCinet Architecture by Marc Lyonnais, SCinet Lead Architecture, and Nick Buraglio, SCinet NRE team member.
Keynote 1: Predictable Very High Speed Networking for Big Science by Yatish Kumar.
Techtalk 1: Recent Linux TCP Updates, and how to tune your 100G host by Brian Tierney, SCinet NRE co-chair.
P1: High-Performance Virtualized SDN Switches for Experimental Network Testbeds by Jerry Sobieski.
Techtalk 2: Next Generation Integrated Terabit/sec SDN Architecture for High Energy Physics and Exascale Science by Harvey Newman.
P2: Network Measurement for 100Gbps Links Using Multicore Processors by Yan Luo.
P3: Advance Reservation Access Control Using Software-Defined Networking and Tokens by Joaquin Chung.
P4: Energy-Efficient Data Transfers in Radio Astronomy with Software UDP RDMA by Przemyslaw Lenkiewicz.
P5: Enabling Intent to Configure Scientific Networks for High Performance Demands by Mariam Kiran.
P6: mdtmFTP and Its Evaluation on ESNET SDN Testbed by Wenji Wu.
Keynote 2: Transforming Research & Education Through Unusual Collaborations by Kuang-Ching Wang.
P7: SNAG: SDN-managed Network Architecture for GridFTP Transfers by Deepak Nadig Anantha.
P8: Maximizing the Performance of Scientific Data Transfer by Optimizing the Interface Between Parallel File Systems and Advanced Research Networks by Nicholas Mills.
P9: CoreFlow: Enriching Bro security events using network traffic monitoring data by Ralph Koning.
P10: Towards Bridging the Gap between Peak and Average Loads on Science Networks by Rajkumar Kettimuthu.

Below are the links to the presentations from the INDIS 2015 workshop.
"Innovating the Network for Data Intensive Science" by Davey Wheeler, SC15's SCinet Chair.
"Keynote: Design Patterns for Data-Intensive Science" by Inder Monga.
"SCinet: 25 Years of Extreme Networking" by Linda Winkler.
"High-Performance Many-Core Networking: Design and Implementation" by Jordi Ros-Giralt.
"Optimizing Data Transfer Nodes using Packet Pacing" by Brian Tierney.
"High-Speed Scientific Data Transfers using Software Defined Networking" by Harvey Newman.