Below are the links to the peer-reviewed, accepted papers for the INDIS 2016 workshop. Presentations for these papers will be given at SC16:
Accepted Papers INDIS 2016:
P1: "High-Performance Virtualized SDN Switches for Experimental Network Testbeds.” Richard Cziva; Jerry Sobieski; Yatish Kumar.

P2: "Network Measurement for 100Gbps Links Using Multicore Processors.” Xiaoban Wu; Peilong Li, PhD; Yongyi Ran, PhD; Yan Luo, PhD.

P3: "Advance Reservation Access Control Using Software-Defined Networking and Tokens.” Joaquin Chung, MSc.; Eun-Sung Jung; Rajkumar Kettimuthu; Nageswara Rao; Ian Foster; Russ Clark; Henry Owen.

P4: "Energy-Efficient Data Transfers in Radio Astronomy with Software UDP RDMA.” Przemyslaw Lenkiewicz, Ph.D.; P. Chris Broekema; Bernard Metzler, Ph.D.

P5: "Enabling Intent to Configure Scientific Networks for High Performance Demands.” Mariam Kiran; Eric Pouyoul; Anu Mercian; Brian Tierney; Chin Guok; Inder Monga.

P6: "mdtmFTP and Its Evaluation on ESNET SDN Testbed.” Liang Zhang, Ph.D.; Wenji Wu, Ph.D.; Phil Demar; Eric Pouyoul.

P7: ”SNAG SDN-managed Network Architecture for GridFTP Transfers.” Deepak Nadig Anantha; Zhe Zhang; Byrav Ramamurthy, PhD; Brian Bockelman, PhD; Garhan Attebury; David Swanson, PhD.

P8: "Maximizing the Performance of Scientific Data Transfer by Optimizing the Interface Between Parallel File Systems and Advanced Research Networks.” Nicholas Lombard Mills; Frank A Feltus, Ph.D.; Walter B Ligon III, Ph.D.

P9: "CoreFlow: Enriching Bro security events using network traffic monitoring data.” Ralph Koning; Nick Buraglio; Cees de Laat; Paola Grosso.

P10: "Towards Bridging the Gap between Peak and Average Loads on Science Networks.” Sam Nickolay; Eun-Sung Jung; Rajkumar Kettimuthu; Ian Foster.

Below are the links to the peer-reviewed, accepted papers for the INDIS 2015 workshop. Presentations for these papers were given at SC15:
Accepted Papers:
"High-Performance Many-Core Networking: Design and Implementation." Jordi Ros-Giralt, Alan Commike, Dan Honey, and Richard Lethin.
"High-Speed Scientific Data Transfers using Software Defined Networking." Harvey Newman, Azher Mughal, Dorian Kcira, Iosif Legrand, Ramiro Voicu, and Julian Bunn.
"SCinet: 25 Years of Extreme Networking." Linda Winkler.
"Optimizing Data Transfer Nodes using Packet Pacing." Nathan Hanford, Brian Tierney and Dipak Ghosal.
Full proceedings of the Second Annual Workshop on Innovating the Network for Data Intensive Science can be found here: