About SCinet and INDIS

Designed and created each year for the conference, SCinet is a global collaboration of high-performance networking experts who provide the fastest and most powerful volunteer-built network in the world for the SC Conference. Since SC14, SCinet has provided SC attendees and the HPC community with the innovative network platform necessary to connect, transport, and display HPC research at SC from around the world. In addition to high-performance demos, SCinet supports wired and wireless connections for attendees to maintain connectivity to the rest of the world.

SCinet takes a year to plan, a month to build, a week to operate, and a day to tear down.

Volunteers from academia, government, and industry from all over the world work together to design and deliver the SCinet infrastructure. More information about SCinet and the diverse teams operating the network behind the scenes can be found on the SC22 conference website. Industry contributors donate millions of dollars in equipment and services needed to build and support the local and wide area networks.


SCinet Teams Driving Innovative Network Research

The Experimental Networks (XNet) team engages partners in research, education, and industry to facilitate high-performance networking experiments during the SC Conference. These experiments often span multiple years, and the results serve to push the boundaries of network technologies and set the stage for groundbreaking research and SCinet’s continuous evolution to meet the network-intensive needs of the HPC community during SC.

The Network Research Exhibition (NRE) team empowers researchers, computer scientists, and network engineers to experiment using the state-of-the-art SCinet network. The team helps display new and innovative demonstrations in network testbeds, emerging network hardware, protocols, and advanced network-intensive scientific applications.

The Innovating the Network for Data-Intensive Science (INDIS) workshop team serves as the academic forum and provides a stage to discuss state-of-the-art, cutting edge, and future network technologies with researchers and experts. As part of the SC workshop program, INDIS offers a full day of inspiration that traditionally includes up to eight peer-reviewed paper presentations, panels with NRE and XNet participants but also experts from research, academia and industry, invited speakers addressing hot topics from the networking communities, and two keynotes discussing cutting edge technologies and future trends.

The collaboration between SCinet's XNet, NRE, and INDIS teams is one of the key success factors behind SCinet's research and development cycle, which provides breakthrough network technology to the SC conference exhibition floor and the information systems and networking communities around the world. SCinet enables innovative research and showcases cutting-edge technologies in network, hardware, protocols, information systems, software, and security – pushing the boundaries of networking technologies and innovations through workshops, demos, and collaborative opportunities.

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