INDIS 2016 Workshop Program

Time Title Speaker(s) Session Chair
09:00 Welcome Cees de Laat (lead INDIS, UvA)
Brian Tierney (lead NRE, LBNL)
de Laat/Tierney
Introduction to SCinet
SCinet Architecture
Corby Schmitz (Chair SCinet, ANL)
Marc Lyonnais (lead SCinet Architecture, CIENA)
Nick Buraglio (NRE team member, ESnet)
de Laat/Tierney
09:20 NRE Themes presentations Applications - Joe Mambretti
Architecture - Joaquin Chung
Control Plane - Gerben van Malenstein
DATA - Harvey Newman
Monitoring - Yan Luo
Security - Jordi Ros-Giralt
09:40 SCinet innovation panel led by Cees de Laat Joe Mambretti, Joaquin Chung, Gerben van Malenstein, Harvey Newman, Yan Luo, Jordi Ros-Giralt de Laat/Tierney
10:00 Coffee break
10:30 Keynote 1: Predictable Very High Speed Networking for Big Science Yatish Kumar (Corsa) de Laat/Tierney
11:00 TechTalk 1: Recent Linux TCP Updates, and how to tune your 100G host Brian Tierney (LBNL) de Laat
11:20 P1: High-Performance Virtualized SDN Switches for Experimental Network Testbeds Richard Cziva; Jerry Sobieski; Yatish Kumar de Laat/Tierney
11:40 TechTalk 2: Next Generation Integrated Terabit/sec SDN Architecture for High Energy Physics and Exascale Science Harvey Newman (CALTECH) de Laat/Tierney
12:00 P2: Network Measurement for 100Gbps Links Using Multicore Processors Xiaoban Wu; Peilong Li, PhD; Yongyi Ran, PhD; Yan Luo, PhD de Laat/Tierney
12:20 Lunch
13:30 Welcome, overview, state of the union Paola Grosso & Malathi Veeraraghavan Grosso/Veeraraghavan
13:40 P3: Advance Reservation Access Control Using Software-Defined Networking and Tokens Joaquin Chung, MSc.; Eun-Sung Jung; Rajkumar Kettimuthu; Nageswara Rao; Ian Foster; Russ Clark; Henry Owen Grosso/Veeraraghavan
14:00 P4: Energy-Efficient Data Transfers in Radio Astronomy with Software UDP RDMA Przemyslaw Lenkiewicz, Ph.D.; P. Chris Broekema; Bernard Metzler, Ph.D. Grosso/Veeraraghavan
14:20 P5: Enabling Intent to Configure Scientific Networks for High Performance Demands Mariam Kiran; Eric Pouyoul; Anu Mercian; Brian Tierney; Chin Guok; Inder Monga Grosso/Veeraraghavan
14:40 P6: mdtmFTP and Its Evaluation on ESNET SDN Testbed Liang Zhang, Ph.D.; Wenji Wu, Ph.D.; Phil Demar; Eric Pouyoul Grosso/Veeraraghavan
15:00 Tea break
15:30 Keynote 2: Transforming Research & Education Through Unusual Collaborations Dr. Wang, Kuang-Ching (U-Clemson) Grosso/Veeraraghavan
16:00 P7: SNAG: SDN-managed Network Architecture for GridFTP Transfers Deepak Nadig Anantha; Zhe Zhang; Byrav Ramamurthy, PhD; Brian Bockelman, PhD; Garhan Attebury; David Swanson, PhD Grosso/Veeraraghavan
16:20 P8: Maximizing the Performance of Scientific Data Transfer by Optimizing the Interface Between Parallel File Systems and Advanced Research Networks Nicholas Lombard Mills; Frank A Feltus, Ph.D.; Walter B Ligon III, Ph.D. Grosso/Veeraraghavan
16:40 P9: CoreFlow: Enriching Bro security events using network traffic monitoring data Ralph Koning; Nick Buraglio; Cees de Laat; Paola Grosso Grosso/Veeraraghavan
17:00 P10: Towards Bridging the Gap between Peak and Average Loads on Science Networks Sam Nickolay; Eun-Sung Jung; Rajkumar Kettimuthu; Ian Foster Grosso/Veeraraghavan
17:20 Wrap-up and conclusion Paola Grosso & Malathi Veeraraghavan Grosso/Veeraraghavan
17:30 End